Order Limits

The ACMPR regulations set the following restrictions on ordering:

  • You can only order a maximum of 150 grams in one order.

  • You can not order more than 30 times your daily prescribed dosage in any 30 day period.

For example:
If your daily dosage is 3 grams/day, you can order up to 90 grams every 30 days.
If your daily dosage is 10 grams/day, you can order up to 300 grams every 30 days, but must be shipped in at least 2 separate orders.

The 30 day period is calculated using the estimated delivery dates of your orders, and due to the varying delivery standards between shipping companies, the option of shipping companies may be limited at times.

Return Policy

Returns can be made within 30 days of purchase by sending any remaining product back to Broken Coast Cannabis along with a written note indicating the reason for return. Broken Coast will only issue a refund for up to 10g per strain for a maximum of 30g per order. Any product returned to us has to be destroyed and cannot be resold or returned to you; please consider this when ordering strains you have not tried before.

Only the returned portion of the product can be credited towards your prescription order limit, regardless of what portion of the order was refunded.